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BERN - In the Footsteps of Albert Einstein

Science and Culture tour - SHORT TOUR


Bern, the capital of Switzerland, was the starting point for Albert Einstein’s scientific career. Albert Einstein, probably the most important physicist of our time, was born in Ulm in 1879 and died in Princeton (USA) in 1955. After studying physics in Zurich, he sought his fortune in work, family and science in Bern and lived there from 1902 to 1909. In 1905, at the age of 26, he wrote several ground-breaking papers in just a few months, some of which were turned down be the physicists of that time. In order to be able to trace Einstein’s spirit of discovery and family life, we visit his former home on Kramgasse. Prof. Jürg Schacher, from the University of Bern and member of the board of the Einstein House, will give us a first glimpse into Einstein’s curriculum vitae and in an exclusive lecture we will learn the fundamentals of Einstein’s epoch-making theories that arose in this house.
Young Albert felt very much at home in Bern. With a beautiful landscape, surrounded by the Aare, the city, founded in 1191, is one of the smallest capitals in Europe, but as a metropolis it is one of the greatest examples of medieval urban planning. After a guided tour of the old town on a guided tour, we visit the famous Zytglogge (clock tower) and the very attractive Federal Palace (Swiss Parliament). The Einstein exhibition in the Bernisches Historisches Museum offers another interesting and detailed insight into Albert Einstein’s life and work – here we will also see extremely clearly how Einstein, as a humanist and philosopher, campaigned for world understanding and world peace.
On an optional day tour to French-speaking Switzerland, we visit the newly restored Manor of Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977). After being banned from entering the United States, Chaplin lived there with his family from 1953 until his death. A fantastic new building is the Studio-Museum, built in 2016, which is dedicated to Chaplin’s films and his impoverished childhood. With the insight into the life and work of the brilliant British comedian and filmmaker, we remember a second world-famous humanist of the early 20th century. Einstein and Chaplin first met in Los Angeles in 1931. At that time Albert Einstein had already been working in Berlin for 15 years and was about to emigrate to the USA. With a lecture on the history of science “Einstein and the world of stars” by Prof. Dieter B. Herrmann from Berlin and a joint dinner in a selected restaurant, we end the short trip to Bern.


Arrival, tour of the old town and greeting
Arrival by train / plane or car to Bern, on a guided tour through the old town (start at 3:30 p.m.) we get to know the history of Bern, as well as important places, monuments and buildings of the city – and some of Einstein’s favourite places match the theme visited. Dinner in a selected panoramic restaurant.
4 nights / breakfast 3 * hotel in Bern / old town

Einstein House, Zytglogge and Federal Palace After breakfast we visit the Einstein house (1902-1905), only two streets away from the hotel. After getting to know the apartment and an introduction to Einstein’s curriculum vitae by Prof. Jürg Schacher, an exclusive lecture gives us an insight into the epochal scientific work that has been carried out in this house. A tour of the famous Zytglogge (clock tower) gives us an astronomical insight. For the early afternoon we have reserved a guided tour of the Federal Palace, the Swiss Parliament, which is well worth seeing. The late afternoon and evening are free. Visit the nearby Gurten mountain with a wonderful view of Bern.

Enjoy free time in Bern or experience the optional Tour to Vevey, Montreux and Chillon Fort.
(Detail below)

Guided tour in the Einstein Museum – Lecture by Prof. Herrmann After breakfast in the hotel, we visit the Einstein Museum, only a 10-minute walk away. On a guided tour, we get a deeper insight into Einstein’s life with the help of elaborately staged originals, written and film documents. Albert Einstein privately and personally, the miracle year 1905, a life – an epoch of world history, and at the same time the history of the 20th century is impressively presented to us in the museum. In the early evening, Prof. Dr. Dieter B. Herrmann enriched with his lecture “Einstein and the world of stars”. During a dinner in a selected restaurant, discussions can be continued with the spirit of discovery on Albert Einstein’s path.
Farewell and departure Breakfast at the hotel and departure. Or visit other museums (we will be happy to advise you)

(We reserve the right to change the course of the tour)

Optional Day Tour to Vevey and Montreux with Chillon Fort

In the morning after breakfast, the coach takes you to the French part of Switzerland to Vevey to the Chaplin Museum. Charlie Chaplin lived here with his family from 1953 until his death in 1977. On a guided tour, we visit the manor house, which has been restored and restored to its former glory. This is where Chaplin’s private and family life comes back to life. The studio-museum, newly built in 2016, is dedicated to Chaplin’s films and his impoverished childhood in London, which influenced his work. At the foot of Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps, you can stroll through the landscaped garden that Chaplin was so delighted with. Visit Montreux for lunch and enjoy the view of Lake Geneva. Exclusive lunch in a selected restaurant directly on Lake Geneva. The third part of the day tour takes us to Chillon Castle, also located directly on Lake Geneva. A visit to the castle gives us an overview of eight centuries of architecture, history and culture. (8-9 hour day tour):

Picture gallery for The Optional Day Tour

Your Science historian and lecturer:
Prof. Dr. Dieter B. Herrmann




Tour date:
In Planning – Sep. 2022

Day trip with a modern, comfortable coach to the Chaplins World Museum with guided tour, lunch in Montreux and visit / guided tour of Chillon Castle.

Tour Price:
980 € p.p. in a DBL / half board
1,220 € in SGL / half-board

190 € Per Person


✓ 4 nights in a 3 * hotel, Bern / Central
Two dinners will take place in selected restaurants
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Dieter B. Herrmann
Visit / guided tour in the Einstein House with a lecture by Prof. J. Schacher
Special lecture with Prof. Dr. Dieter B. Herrmann
English local travel service
Old town tour in Bern
Visit and guided tour with the Federal Palace / Swiss Parliament


 Optional excursions, as shown in the travel programme 
 Other meals and drinks
 Arrival and Departure
● Any International airfare


We recommend that you take travel cancellation insurance (RRV). This should be completed immediately after booking. We strongly recommend that you take international health and ambulance insurance, ideally as a complete insurance that also includes, for example, travel accident, luggage and travel liability insurance. In contrast to the RRV, all of these insurances can be taken out immediately before the start of the journey. We would be happy to book your desired insurance for you.
The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Bern in May/June is about 10.0°C. The amount of rain in May / June is an average of 101mm (4.0in). The average maximum daytime temperature lies around 22°C. If you enjoy looking at a blue sky and love the sun than this is a great time to go to Bern.


Binoculars and spotting scope if available
 Walking shoes for the walking tours
Rain cover / jacket, Sun protection
Folding stool (if needed)
(The specified list is not intended to be exhaustive. More details will be shared about 4 weeks before the tour)


●  We reserve the right to change the schedule of excursions, sightseeing and observation programmes – even at short notice due to natural events such as volcanic activity.
The tour can be cancelled by the tour operator, if the minimum number of participants is not met. In this case, Wittmann Travel e.K. can withdraw from the contract 28 days before the start of the journey. As a rule, however, we inform all participants earlier.


● 20% of the tour price (billing amount) has to be paid at the time of confirmation.
● Balance payment is to be made 28 days prior to departure.


Travel documents: Since Switzerland is the part of the Schengen area, German and Austrian citizens only need a valid identity card or passport to enter Bern. Citizens of other nationalities should contact your Foreign Office or the respective embassy for information about the entry regulations that apply to you.


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In The Footsteps Of Albert Einstein




Free of Choice


5 D. - 4 Nts


From € 980


10 - 18

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