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Kasargod –Kerala’s northernmost district, flanked by the Western Ghats to the east and the Arabian Sea to the west, is a fertile region of thickly forested hills and meandering rivers. In this picturesque setting you will find a hidden tropical destination set in a secluded palm grove beside the Arabian Sea – Neeleshwar Hermitage. The luxurious resort breathes tranquillity and offers an essence of authentic India – the traditional wood-and-thatch architecture, balanced with stylish contemporary touches and familiar modern comforts. The site overlooks a gloriously unspoiled beach of sand, stretching as far as the eye can see. Unobtrusive individual service and meticulous attention to detail are everywhere in this luxury resort, turning your holiday into an effortless opportunity to enjoy a world where time stands still.


Neeleshwar Hermitage accommodation is modelled on traditional fishermen’s huts. Each of the beautiful cottages offers privacy, comfort and individuality. You can choose from cottages with sea, pool or garden views, each with its own unique character.
Each building is positioned amidst the verdant foliage to give its occupants a sense of peace and privacy; light and airy, each is named after a traditional yogic virtue. Constructed in local laterite stone and topped by tile or thatch, all are embellished with carved and dressed woodwork fashioned in traditional style by local craftsmen so skilled that their usual work is building and restoring temples.
Teak floors, high ceilings and generous proportions, locally handmade wooden furniture and antique and contemporary objects d’art from Kerala complete the ambience, giving this destination its own special charm.  Yet despite the timeless construction of the cottages, every modern comfort is supplied.

         PLEASE NOTE:

  • No plastic policy (therefore, no bottled water).
  • For alcohol: Serves only Beer & Wine
When booking the optional tour “Safari – to the Atlantic” (3) instead of 12 nights on Hakos, only 10 nights on the guest farm and then 2 overnight stay outside in Svakopmund and in the Namib. (For details on the excursion program, see below)

Adventure hike
through the wild canyons of the Hakos Mountains (easy to moderately difficult hike, sturdy hiking shoes recommended.)
Visit to the new HESS research facility
with the four large 15 m Cherenkov telescopes to study cosmic gamma ray events.
Visit to the capital, Windhoek
including a visit to the 30 heavy nickel-iron meteorites exhibited in the city center
Additional tour options:
Farm tour with game viewing:
zebras, oryx, kudu, clip-jumpers, baboons, etc., approx. € 40-
Quiver Tree Forest:
Adventure ride / hike, approx. € 40
Rhinoceros Tour:
Observation trip, approx. € 45
Excursion to the Gamsberg:
This 2,347 m high table mountain was once the location of the southern observatory of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy. Fantastic view down to Hakos pass and the Namib desert, approx. € 70, – (windbreaker recommended on Table Mountain)

When booking the optional tour “Safari – to the Atlantic” (3) instead of 12 nights on Hakos, only 10 nights on the guest farm and then 2 overnight stay outside in Svakopmund and in the Namib. (For details on the excursion program, see below)

Day 1: Safari to the Atlantic
Drive over the Gamsbergpass, the grass highlands, crossing the Kuiseb canyons, the Namib desert, wildlife observation and sightseeing of the famous Welwitschia desert plants. Overnight in Svakopmund, Namibia’s traditional health resort on the Atlantic coast.

Day 2: Safari to the Atlantic
Drive along the sand dune coast to Walfisbay. Optional: interesting boat trip to see seals, pelicans, flamingos and dolphins. Continue through the Namib, Gaub Canyon, grass steppes at Solitaire and overnight near Sesriem Canyon.

Day 3: Safari to the Atlantic
Excursion into the fantastic dune world of the Namib near Sossusvlei.
Return to the guest farm in the evening.

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Malabar is a place that reveals its treasures slowly. Beneath its modern veneer lies a traditional world in which the energies of the human spirit are still alive, evoked in temples and village shrines by many magnificent rituals. At The Hermitage, they offer a key link with the people they live amongst, and their time-honored custom. Explore the local culture, people and incredible natural beauty which surrounds the Neeleshwar Hermitage. Experience the magic of Theyyam: ‘the dance of the gods’, combine relaxation at Neeleshwar Hermitage with a cruise through the Keralan backwaters on our luxurious Lotus HouseboatBelow are a few ideas to customise your stay at Neeleshwar Hermitage:  

Make the most of your stay and treat yourself to some genuine Ayurvedic treatments practiced in the traditional way. Consult the in-house Ayurvedic doctor for holistic therapies and activities; all treatments are tailored to individual mind-body type.

For those with a taste for the western treatments, there is a full-fledged spa to help you feel rested and rejuvenated.
Journey within through Yoga and Meditation. Learn to quiet your mind, relax and embrace the silence under the tutelage of the in-house expert.
Behind the Hermitage lies a network of secluded backwaters that feed the local paddy fields and eventually open out into the sea. Attractive and spacious houseboats, converted from traditional Keralan rice barges, provide the perfect setting for cool, tranquil and relaxing cruises to refresh the mind and enliven the spirit. During the day one can watch the local life as it unfolds unhurriedly along the banks: people washing clothes, collecting water for the home, working in their gardens, fishing with traditional nets, going to the temple. In the evening the wide variety of local birdlife gathers in flocks to roost for the night while the sky is ravished by a spectacular sunset. And to round it all off, what could be better than a romantic dinner and candlelit concert of classical music under the brilliant canopy of stars?
How to gain the support of nature in your life – A seven-day course There is a universal field of intelligence, which underlies all life. Ignorance of this field results in suffering, whereas acting in harmony with it brings success and happiness into our lives in a natural way, supplementing our individual efforts with the spontaneous support of others and our surroundings. Based on the traditional wisdom of the Vedic philosophy, this course will teach you an easy and enjoyable way to contact this field and enjoy the benefits. Practical techniques will be combined with an understanding of consciousness and the principles that structure body, mind, and spirit, resulting in an inspiring vision of the purpose and destiny of human existence. Course leader – Alistair Shearer has been teaching meditation therapies around Europe for over thirty years. His translations of the key Sanskrit yoga texts such as the Yoga Sutras and the Upanishads have won acclaim from critics as various as Ram Dass, Jacob Needleman, and John Updike. The course will run for two and a half hours each day. In the morning there will be a workshop and meditation session (1 and a half hrs.) and in the afternoon yoga and pranayama practice (1 hr.). This nicely balanced routine will leave ample time to enjoy the restful environs of The Hermitage.
You are what you eat’ is our modern saying, but ancient Indians knew this nourishing truth millennia ago. What we eat affects not only our bodies, but our minds also, and so food is a vital, if unrecognised, determinant of how we feel, think and act and thence the sort of life we lead, the culture we fashion and, ultimately, the world we inhabit. Indian food was always created with a knowledge of the inner qualities of its basic ingredients and the herbs and spices that subtly modulate them. Ayurveda teaches that to be correctly balanced, each dish must combine the five essential flavours (rasas): sweet, salty, spice, bitter and pungent, and, even before we taste the dish, its presentation on the plate should also be pleasing to the eyes, as should the surroundings. Attention to these details will initiate the digestion process even before the food reaches our mouth, ensuring better assimilation of the food and minimising the build-up of toxins in the system. Cooking Classes with the resident expert chefs can be booked the evening before at the Reception and will take place each afternoon. The dishes being taught will vary each day depending on the seasonal availability of the ingredients and will give you a unique and authentic cooking skill to take home, along with a booklet of the recipes you have mastered. Each Nourishing Retreat is a bespoke programme, lasting for between 4 and 6 days, with the details arranged according to your wishes.
The local habitats near to Neeleshwar Hermitage are abundant with wildlife. Guided outings are available at first light or in the cool of the evenings. Neeleshwar Hermitage provides picnic breakfasts for the morning expedition, including juice, fresh fruits, tea or coffee, eggs, muesli, toast and preserves. Water for the journey and snacks for the evening outings are also provided.
ONAM is Kerala’s major annual festival, celebrated in the lunar month of Chingam by people of all religions and castes. The ten-day celebration marks the annual homecoming of the mythical demon King Mahabali who ruled Kerala in the far-off Golden Age when everybody was happy, prosperous and peaceful. Mahabali is so attached to his erstwhile kingdom that he returns from the underworld (patala) each Onam to check that his people are living happily. It is also the Harvest Festival and the Festival of Rain Flowers and is celebrated with processions, snake-boat races, dance, drama, music and team sports.
Behind its luxuriant coconut groves and paddy fields lies another Kerala where simple country people live in a traditional world ordered by rituals connecting them with the Divine. Most important of these is Theyyam: ‘the dance of the gods’. The shamanistic spirit possession of Theyyam involves the whole community and is performed in special temples and compounds that are separate from the high caste temples. The highly charged atmosphere and splendidly extravagant costumes and make-up that takes hours to apply combine with solemn music, hypnotic chanting and flickering oil lights to make this ritual something very special. This sacred ceremony is observed from October to April and is distinctive to Malabar. Our local guides will take you to the places to see Theyyam at its very best.
Enjoy the languid elegance of days gone by, with discreet butler service aboard the laid-back floating palace that is the Lotus Houseboat. Cruise through unspoiled backwaters, surrounded by the local birdlife and whispering coconut groves, with visits to local villages, temples and homesteads along the way.


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Your Astronomy expert and lecturer:
Dr. Klaus-Peter Schröder

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Rates from 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022 (except for Christmas / new year period)
Type of Accomodation P.P. in Euros
3 Nights
5 Nights
7 Nights
14 Nights
21 Nights
28 Nights
Asoka & Arjuna Garden Single
Asoka & Arjuna Garden Double
1,260 €
2,800 €
2,100 €
3,920 €
2,940 €
7,840 €
5,880 €
11,760 €
8,820 €
15,680 €
11,760 €
Acacia Lake View – Single
Acacia Lake View – Double
2,070 €
1,5609 €
3,450 €
2,600 €
4,830 €
3,640 €
9,660 €
7,280 €
14,490 €
10,920 €
19,320 €
14,560 €
Mango Tree Villa – Single
Mango Tree Villa – Double
3,690 €
2,760 €
6,150 €
4,600 €
8,610 €
6,440 €
17,220 €
12,880 €
19,320 €
34,440 €
25,760 €
Rates from17th December 2021 to 3rd January 2022
Type of Accomodation p.P. in €
3 Nights
5 Nights
7 Nights
14 Nights
21 Nights
28 Nights
Asoka & Arjuna Garden Single
Asoka & Arjuna Garden Double
1,950 €
1,440 €
3,250 €
2,400 €
4,550 €
9,100 €
6,720 €
13,650 €
10,080 €
18,200 €
13,440 €
Acacia Lake View – Single
Acacia Lake View – Double
2,370 €
1,800 €
3,950 €
3,000 €
5,530 €
4,200 €
11,060 €
8,400 €
16,590 €
12,600 €
22,120 €
16,800 €
Mango Tree Villa – Single
Mango Tree Villa – Single
4,260 €
3,180 €
7,100 €
5,300 €
9,940 €
7,420 €
19,880 €
14,840 €
29,820 €
29,260 €
39,760 €
29,680 €

         PLEASE NOTE:

  • No plastic policy (therefore, no bottled water).
  • For alcohol: Serves only Beer & Wine
Rates from1st April 2021 to 30th Dec 2022
2.09 €
2.09 €
2.09 €
2.09 €
2.09 €
2.09 €
2.09 €
2.09 €

Tour date:
In Planning (Jan.2023)

(Complete tour without international flights on request)

Tour Price:
Coming soon


 Return transfers from Mumbai / Pune to resort
✓ Includes accommodation in the booked category
✓ All 3 wellness cuisine meals per day and all wellness therapies
✓ Individual health and wellness advice
✓ Initial consultation by the Ayurveda doctor
 Daily massages / therapies as per the treatment booked
✓ Ayurveda Treatment as per Doctor’s consultation
✓ Daily Group Yoga and Meditation
✓ Daily Fitness and leisure activities
✓ Unlimited use of the water therapy suites (steam bath, infrared, sauna, temp. Indoor pool)
✓ Selection of herbal teas, 2 bottles daily of Mineral water, 2 bottles of RO Treated water in the room.
✓ Wellness advice on the day of departure.


● International and Inbound flights
other meals, drinks
Personal expenses
Travel insurance


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Sit and see the early morning dolphins, watch the birds over the small lagoon, be lulled by the sound of the waves or spend the evening under the brilliant canopy of stars.
The Annapurna restaurant, dedicated to the Goddess of Nourishment, is the centre of the site. Annapurna specialises in authentic, predominantly vegetarian food not usually seen in hotels. Cooking skills are honed by ayurvedic teaching on the importance of attending to the appearance, balance, flavour, enjoyment and nutritional effects of any dish. The Annapurna dining room consumes virtually no energy. Its elegant pillared lateral spaces are open to the verdant gardens on all sides, allowing a sea-cooled breeze to circulate, while the warmer air is released upwards through the large, open light well that stands in the centre of the hall. With such natural ventilation secured, there is no need of air-conditioning, which is very costly in energy terms, and during the day, no need of any electricity. What light is needed after dark is subdued and comes from small and localised sources, while the dining tables and sitting areas are lit by candles.
There is also a beachside restaurant, the Meenakshi, named after another local goddess. Here you can enjoy superb fresh fish caught by the local long boats that go out each morning, as well as breakfast, healthy lunchtime salads and delicious light meals.
Picture gallery for Facilities



Ecology Neeleshwar Hermitage strives to create an eco-friendly environment. To this effect they employ a ‘no plastic policy’ and therefore do not use bottled water. All drinking water is purified on site by the most up-to-date Reverse Osmosis method. All kitchen-waste is recycled to provide bio-gas for rubbish incineration; in turn all burnable waste is incinerated on site. Gardens are kept free of artificial fertilizers and all garden waste is recycled to make mature compost. Not only that, the site has been landscaped to encourage butterflies and a wide range of local and migratory birds.
  • Only accommodation at Neeleshwar Hermitage along with transfers can be organized
  • We can suggest an itinerary, specially designed for you inclusive of 2 – 3 nights (or more, as desired) at Gaj Retreat









Min. 2 nights


coming soon


From 1

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INDIA - Neeleshwar Hermitage, Kasargod

Entry Policy

Currently no tourists are allowed into India. Actual and detailed informations can be collected from the foreign department of your country of residence.

How to reach
  • Neeleshwar Hermitage is 1 1/2 hours from Kannur Airport
  • Neeleshwar Hermitage is 2 hours from Mangalore Airport
Resort Policy
  • No plastic policy (therefore no bottled water)
  • Serves only Beer & Wine
Language in the resort